Retail Contracts

Berry Brothers Rudd, Harry Street, Dublin 2

Client: Berry Brothers
Architect: John McCrossan Architects
Quantity Surveyors: John McCrossan Architects
Structural Engineer: John McCrossan Architects
Services Engineer: John McCrossan Architects
Value: €800K

Coffee Society Ranelagh Fit out

Client: Coffee Society
Architect: Deblacam & Meagher Architects
Quantity Surveyors: Deblacam & Meagher Architects
Structural Engineer: Deblacam & Meagher Architects
Services Engineer: Deblacam & Meagher Architects
Value: €200K

HMV Blanchardstown Shop Fit out

Client: HMV
Architect: Robinson Patterson Architects
Quantity Surveyors: Robinson Patterson Architects
Structural Engineer: Robinson Patterson Architects
Services Engineer: Robinson Patterson Architects
Value: €200K

Lisney Various Offices Fit outs

Client: Lisney
Architect: Lisney
Quantity Surveyors: Lisney
Structural Engineer: Lisney
Services Engineer: Lisney
Value: €300K

Planet Hollywood

Client: Private Client
Architect: Costello Murray Beaumont
Quantity Surveyors: Burton & O'Connor
Structural Engineer: Costello Murray Beaumont
Services Engineer: Costello Murray Beaumont
Value: €2.8 Million

Specsavers Refurbishment, Wexford

Client: Specsavers
Architect: Watts Consultancy
Quantity Surveyors: Watts Consultancy
Structural Engineer: Watts Consultancy
Services Engineer: Watts Consultancy
Value: €100K

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